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So what are we?  Well, we are not your mother's peace movement.  Yes, gloom and doom is OK, but so is the sunny side of the street.  We're going to cover it both ways, and we are going to enjoy ourselves while we take on the world. The individual and humanity are natural allies -- we are betting on it.

Who are we?  So far we are just a few people in San Francisco and a barely forming global network, but we have a plan (thank you, Shel).  Organize locally, every city, every town around the world, bottom up autonomy, connect globally, the planVoices of Humanity Software as our megaphone, intercity and interfaith focus, umbrella marches, smile/scowl photos of everyone on the planet, a big-time connection with the sustainability movement, and we all do something for a change. That's our plan. 

Our umbrella marches will be fun, and yes, we want Joan Baez for the old folk's concerts and a young idol for the big crowd.  But it is the tens of thousands of local organizations that will make the difference.

We begin with a vision of success and a sense of humility. The existing nuclear disarmament groups and networks have a good grasp of the situation, so we will back them up and not pretend we are the experts. Besides the fun stuff of our own, there will be easy things with the other Nuclear Disarmament groups, like signing online petitions for the American Friends Service Committee, and joining up with Global Zero, and having events on U.N. Peace Day, and there will be tougher but rewarding things to do, like recruiting all the mayors and town governments in the world to the Mayors for Peace network, but the really hard part is back to us again, which is the local organizing and keeping everyone interested and moving.
Don't think it is easy.  For instance, can we have nuclear disarmament without solving the Middle East conflict and the India/Pakistan conflict?  Noo, and what are the odds?  Are the rest of the Nuclear Weapons states going to disarm if the U.S. doesn't also cut its conventional military at least in half?  Noo, and what are the odds?  Scowl.   So it seems we have our work cut out for us.  Smile.
Send your photo

Help us get the bandwagon rolling. Send your name and photo to, smiling or scowling with a twitter-like caption. If your photo is a Smile, send praise of nuclear disarmament. If a Scowl, send condemnation of nuclear weapons. It's that easy.  When we have a couple hundred photos, we move to stage two, which is to launch our online dialog.  Stage three will be the all important local organizing.  For now, just send your photo and caption, Please!
Suki Wong
Humanity Rules! - Suki Wong, San Francisco, CA
Eitam Kohen
If you don't clean up your mess right away, I will be very, very angry, and you won't get your M&M's - Eitam Kohen, San Francisco, CA
Bob Hanson
Do it now! - Bob Hanson, SF Bay Area, CA
Yvette Hochberg
It's a NO-BRAINER, so we don't destroy the world! - Yvette Hochberg, Berkeley, CA
Steve Wright
Give peace a chance! - Steve Wright, Japan
Elana Fritchle
I can imagine a world filled with peace and no one has nuclear weapons. - Elena Fritchle, Santa Clara, CA
Philip Riley
Swords --> ploughshares in honor of my uncle Phil. - Philip Riley, Santa Clara, CA
Neeren Jain
Mass killing is not justified for any argument. - Neeren Jain, Santa Clara, CA
Lorenzo and Rose Tupe
"One World" - World Peace. - Lorenzo and Rose Tupe, Santa Clara, CA
Tiffany Plummer
World Peace is a No Brainer! - Tiffany Plummer, Santa Clara, CA
Sabuhi Siddique
I am against nuclear weapons because killing one person is like killing the whole mankind. - Sabuhi Siddique, Santa Clara, CA
Andrew Morrow
Try to be a Thermostat for Thermonuclear War and turn the temperature down! - Andrew Morrow of East Palo Alto
Chris Bolton
How can nations' leaders allow such things to exist? Seriously, we need to clean up our act. - Chris Bolton, San Francisco
Anne Marie Nowak
Let's get rid of nuclear weapons. - Anne Marie Nowak, San Francisco
Michelle Lo
I am happy for peace and nuclear disarmament! - Michelle Lo, Hong Kong
Catherine Tse
World Peace, please! - Catherine Tse, San Francisco
Takeshi Yashiro
I against for nuclear weapons. - Takeshi Yashiro, San Francisco
Lau Pei Ying
With a grace spirit, we enjoy every Happy Peace Day. - Lau Pei Ying, San Francisco
Kathe Burick
Nuclear Weapons violate UN Bill of Human Rights & the General Convention barring Collective Punishment. - Kathe Burick, San Francisco
Ben May
I don't tweet! - Ben May, Los Angeles

I wanted change! No bombs, better food, life and love.  Free Earth!!! - Dora Palacios, San Francisco

Cast a wide net. Find the common thread. Let life flourish. Don't panic, keep it organic! - Diamond Dave Whitaker, San Francisco, CA

Clean it up for all things. Peace, clean air, love. All should go hand in hand. - Yarilis Vazquez Guzman, San Francisco, CA

Thumbs up for nuclear disarmament! - Elizabeth Weinberg, San Francisco, CA

May we evolve beyond Thanatos! - Emma Nace, San Francisco, CA

Nothing but terror incarnate. A war on terror should be a war against the existence of nuclear weapons. - Felix Cabrera, San Francisco, CA

Let us prove Einstein wrong! - Jeffrey Fang, San Francisco, CA

I hope for a world where nuclear weapons won't be necessary.  - Raymond Chen, San Francisco, CA

"Let's make the world safer!" - Vicky German, San Francisco, CA
Rebecca Tobias The hope lies in the dismissal of the concept of "just war".  One planet, one people, one garden. -- Rebecca Tobias, Vancouver BC
Karinna Tomeo
Instead spending money in nuclear weapons, spend on investigate why we build this technology, the reason that take us to create destruction. - Karinna Tomeo - Montevideo
Andrea Kay Smith
LIVE LOVE LAUGH BE FREE. May peace prevail on Earth! - Andrea Kay Smith - Miami
Ronald van Ammers
Another schowlar for peace! - Ronald van Ammers - Los Angeles
Mike Kwan
Spend the $50 bill we spend on nukes in clean energy & our communities, support the Peace industrial complex (includes massages & cupcakes)! - Michael Kwan - San Francisco
Marcelo Torres
If your glasses fog up due the radiation, use a soft cloth. Before, wash them to prevent scratching - Marcelo Torres - Montevideo

It is common sense. The govts of the world should make nuclear disarmament a top priority. How come they don't know that? - Sandy Chaves, San Francisco, CA

If you detect the flash, run for the core of the building. After the blast rolls by, head for your fallout shelter. Dont forget the iodine! - Roger Eaton - San Francisco
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