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Talking About Nuclear Weapons with the Persuadable Middle - How to PR for the USA

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists - home of the Doomsday Clock, set at 6 minutes to midnight as of July 2011

Nuclear Weapons and Compliance with International Humanitarian Law and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in the FORDHAM  INTERNATIONAL  LAW JOURNAL, Volume 34, Issue 2 (Spring 2011) by Charles J. Moxley, Jr., John Burroughs, & Jonathan Granoff - If nations abided by international law, there would be no nuclear weapons.


Beyond War - a follow on organization to the highly active 1980's Beyond War Foundation.  Today's Beyond War though centered in Portland has 15 chapters around the US.  Keep an eye on this group!

Los Angeles

Raoul Wallenberg Institute of Ethics - nuclear disarmament, middle east peace, social justice

Unity-and-Diversity World Council - perhaps should be in the global section - centered in Los Angeles but with world focus

USC IGM Art Gallery is headed up by Lynn Crandall, an indefatigable pursuer of peace and an advocate for placing children, youth, their families, health and culture in the forefront of decision making.  The gallery's latest installation, SHADOWS: For the Children by Richard Fukuhara & Zoltan Tokes, PhD, runs through Feb 23, 2013.  Richard Fukuhara's portion of the exhibition was based in part on his recent visit to Hiroshima.  If you are in Los Angeles, you might want to drop by and see the exhibit for yourself.

San Francisco Bay Area

UN-65 Nuclear Disarmament Panel Sunday, Oct 24 1:00 PM to 3:30 PM sponsored by UNA-SF and SGI.
      Sunday Oct 24 Nuclear Disarmament Panel bios, photos and interviews
      Sunday Oct 24 Nuclear Disarmament Panel Flyer
      Sunday Oct 24 All Day Flyer

American Friends Service Committee - San Francisco - nuclear disarmament is high on AFSC priority list

Multifaith Voices for Peace and Justice out of Palo Alto area - nearly 40 faith communities and traditions

Nuclear Risk and Nuclear Risk Blog - Prof Martin Hellman's initiative out of Stanford.  Prof Hellman was the chief US editor of the 1987 Breakthrough: Emerging New Thinking, Soviet and Western Scholars Issue a Challenge to Build a World Beyond War.  Professor Hellman is concerned on how to work effectively for nuclear disarmament in the post-soviet era, when the level of concern about nuclear war has plummeted.  His 2011 Handout on the subject is a useful read for anyone who wants to build a local circle for nuclear disarmament - worth reading just to learn what the global grenzsituation is.  His How Risky is Nuclear Optimism? article from the March/April 2011 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists is a don't miss. 

Peace Action of San Mateo County - weekly peace vigil and much more

Peace Action West - Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq and, of course, nuclear disarmament

Physicians for Social Responsibility, SF Bay Area Chapter - highly respected - has a great speakers bureau

Tri-Valley CAREs in Livermore, California monitors the Livermore Labs, stands against nuclear weapons and against radiocative contamination of the environment.  Communities Against a Radioactive Environment.

United Nations Association - San Francisco keeps making it happen for all UN related matters, not least, nuclear disarmament.

Western States Legal Foundation - home of sparkplug Jackie Cabasso

Other Cities

Partnerships In Peace Headquarters - Atlanta Georgia - an active Atlanta organization devoted to community and world peace.  The website is a pleasure to peruse with lots of delightful photos. 


Holy See (Catholic Church) - A history of the evolving and now very strong position of the Catholic Church.

US United Methodist Church - A strong statement against nuclear deterrence as well as nuclear weapons.

Religions for Peace - a Huffington Post article by Dr William F. Vendley entitled Nuclear Theology. "Possessing [nuclear weapons] we claim the globe as acceptable collateral for our interests."

Voices for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons.  This is a United Religions Initiative (URI) "Cooperation Circle" with an impressive roster and a great Call to Conscience: A Ban on Nuclear Weapons

Zero Nukes is an online resource with dozens of links to formal statements by religious bodies on the subject of nuclear weapons - collected through 2005. 
     Statements from denominations, including Jewish, Quaker, Muslim.
     Statements from interfaith and ecumenical sources.

Quotes compiled by the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation from many faiths: Catholicism * Lutheran * United Church of Christ * United Methodist Church * Baptist Churches * Islam * Judaism * Presbyterian * Quakers * Universal Unitarians * Buddhism * Canadian Churches * Interfaith Statements * Daoism * Hinduism * Jainism

US Southern Baptist Convention - Resolution on Peace with Justice supports "mutually verifiable disarmament, including nuclear disarmament...".


A Million Pleas Campaign - ICAN Australia launches a campaign very like our own ii4nd smile/scowl endeavor!  Do we want to hook up with the Million Pleas? Please!

International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons (ICAN) - a global grassroots campaign 

Nuclear Abolition Forum - online magazine cofounded by 8 organizations: Albert Schweitzer Institute, Global Security Institute, INESAP, IALANA, IPPNW, Middle Powers Initiative, Pugwash, World Future Council

Nuclear Age Peace Foundation - Higly respected source of information and help for nuclear disarmament organizers

Pathways to Peace An NGO with consultative status at the UN, Pathways to Peace promotes the International Day of Peace with local and global initiatives.  Ii4nd aims to partner with PtP to promote the International Day of Peace (Sept 21) as part of our plan.
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