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We'd love for you to join us in being 
the first people represented on the website.

Send photos, questions, feedback to iam4nd@ii4nd.net.

Send a short caption (no more than 140 characters ala twitter) on your views on nuclear disarmament, and a picture, smiling or scowling.  If your caption makes you happy, for example: ways you would spend the nuclear weapons budget or your vision of a world without nuclear weapons, smile.  If your caption makes you angry, for example: dangers of nuclear proliferation, effects of nuclear explosion, costs of nuclear weapons, scowl (or frown). 

Include your name, faith tradition, and city, town or rural region. ii4nd world logo

The goal: To display thousands of your photos + captions on Twitter AND Facebook with thousands of reasons for nuclear disarmament, while highlighting the diversity of people, of different ages, cultures cities and faiths who support it.  We'll use the momentum from this campaign to support a movement of inter-city and interfaith cooperation circles and build a coalition of groups to address nuclear weapons locally, nationally and globally.

Your picture will be displayed with your caption and name, but without your email.  By sending your photo, you will be opting in to an online discussion about nuclear disarmament which will be starting up when we have the first thousand photos.  (The opt-out does work.)

Let us know if you have any questions or feedback on this idea.
USA 415 933 0153
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